fabrikado at the Hightech Summit 2017 in Rust

Our colleague Ruben gave a talk on the digital platform fabrikado.com at the Hightech Summit 2017 in Rust in the Europa Park.

fabrikado at the Hightech Summit 2017 in Rust
fabrikado at the Hightech Summit 2017 in Rust

The Hightech Summit with fabrikado.com

On the 13th of November 2017 the time had come: the biggest digitization event in the country - the Hightech Summit Baden-Württemberg - was due! This year, the high-tech sector of Baden-Württemberg met for the Day Congress of the Initiative Wirtschaft 4.0 and the award ceremony of the CyberOne High-Tech Award Baden-Württemberg in the Europa-Park Confertainment in Rust.

The daily congress took place within the framework of the Initiative Wirtschaft 4.0 of the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing Baden-Württemberg. With the initiative, the participating partners want to support the industry in digitization across sectors. In addition, the Initiative Wirtschaft 4.0 should make Baden-Württemberg even more visible as an international premium location for the digitized economy.

Baden-Württemberg is one of the most economically successful regions in the world and has made great progress in digitizing the economy. Nevertheless, digitization of the economy is an ongoing task for us, as it will continue to make a significant impact on the economy and the world of work over the next few years.

This applies to our medium-sized companies in the country as well as to our large companies across all industries. The digital transformation in business offers numerous opportunities, for example for new products and services, for new value chains, for efficient production and innovation processes, for new business areas and business models. Future employment and prosperity in Baden-Württemberg are closely linked to the success of seizing the opportunities of digitization and coping with their challenges.

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