fabrikado secures investment from SCHÄFER WERKE

Schäfer Werke and fabrikado
(v.l.n.r.): Uwe Herzog (Project Manager Digital Transformation, SCHÄFER WERKE), Ruben Schnabel (Business Development, fabrikado), Marc Eberhart (CTO, fabrikado) Thomas Hoffmeister (CEO, fabrikado), Rainer Bröcher (Geschäftsführer, SCHÄFER WERKE), Michael Wehler (Marketingleiter, SCHÄFER WERKE)

Traditional family owned enterprise meets start-up:

For us, the strategic alliance with fabrikado is a consequent and visionary step to remain innovative and successful," explains Rainer Bröcher, CEO of SCHÄFER WERKE.

Balingen, January 24, 2019: "We are proud that we were able to win SCHÄFER WERKE, a global steel processing company, as an investor in our startup" explains fabrikado CEO Thomas Hoffmeister after signing the contract. fabrikado has been founded in 2016 and provides an online process for the order, production and supply of parts of various materials and different processes. As a supplier independent B2B internet production platform, fabrikado aggregates free production capacities from OEM producers and parts manufacturer

Thanks to the investment of SCHÄFER WERKE, the young company can now access more than 80 years of experience in metal processing and can expand its digital production platform with additional technologies. "To have a good idea is one thing. To make it successful requires courage and trust. With SCHÄFER WERKE we now have a partner who not only supports us financially, but also provides us with additional know-how to jointly revolutionize the digital purchasing process", Hoffmeister says.

fabrikado.com is a supplier-independent B2B Internet platform , which optimizes the processes of ordering, producing and supplying of metal components. In line with the development of Industry 4.0 fabrikado.com connects the needs of customers and the production capacity of suppliers. Suppliers offer their free capacity, choose to take a job and thus optimize their machine utilization. This is particularly interesting for OEM manufacturers, allowing them now to place previously unmarketable capacities to the market.

The partnership that has now been established will benefit both companies: For us, the strategic alliance with fabrikado is a consequent and visionary step to remain innovative and successful," explains Rainer Bröcher, CEO of SCHÄFER WERKE.

How does fabrikado.com work?

fabrikado.com allows the customer to procure his desired product in just a few steps: Customers upload their drawings to fabrikado.com and receive an instant offer, thus saving time searching for suppliers and comparing offers. Customers choose a delivery time, receive a fixed price and can immediately place an order. fabrikado.com works with a large network of certified suppliers, that are connected within fabrikado.com through a cloud solution. With the fabrikado CONNECT integration solution, the entire process is integrated into existing ERP systems such as SAP. Thus


This owner-led enterprise is headquartered in Neunkirchen in Germany´s Siegerland region and operates globally with diversified business areas: EMW Steel-Service-Centre, perforated sheets, standard and special containers in stainless steel and installations for data centres, workshops and factories. The work of all divisions is based on high-quality fine steel sheet. The processing of this material is one of the core competencies of this enterprise.


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