HP Multi Jet Fusion now with instant pricing

From now on, the HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing process can be calculated and ordered instantly on our production platform.

Recently more and more of our customers have requested and ordered 3D printed parts with the HP Multi Jet Fusion. For this reason, our team has now implemented the HP Multi Jet Fusion process in our instant price calculator so that parts can be calculated and ordered instantly. The printing technology impresses with its high stability and accuracy. The price of the printing process is comparable to that of selective laser sintering (SLS).

How does Multi Jet Fusion work?

To start with, the powder material is applied to a build platform and then two different liquids are applied to it. In the areas where the component is to be created, a strongly heat-conducting liquid (fusing agent) is applied to make the material melt at these points. In the boundary areas where no component is to be created, a heat-restricting liquid (detailing agent) is applied so as to prevent melting of the material and achieve greater precision. Once the powder material has been applied and the layer has been melted, the build platform is slightly lowered and the process is repeated. Each layer has a thickness of only 0.08 mm or 80 μm. Before parts can be removed from the powder bed, it is necessary to cool down the entire powder bed.

Which materials are available?

Currently only one plastic material is available: Polyamide 12 (PA12). The melting of the powder results in a grey colour. However, components can also be infiltrated in various colours.

Is my component compatible with HP Multi Jet Fusion?

We will be happy to advise you on whether your desired component can be produced using the HP Multi Jet Fusion process and give you tips on optimising the component geometries. Our six 3D printing processes enable us to find the best process for your component. We are looking forward hearing from you!

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