Industry 4.0 Startups from Germany

Industry 4.0 Startups from Germany
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The website has a report on 5 startups from Germany with the topic Industry 4.0 written. One of the startups is of course our B2B and B2C-oriented digital platform

Industry 4.0 creates what has been termed “smart factories”. The term represents the digital transition in manufacturing from embedded toward cyber-physical systems. With Industry 4.0, production shifts from a centralized to a decentralized model, symbolizing an impactful reversal of the traditional approach.

With connectivity and smart devices providing the foundation, disruptive innovation areas ranging from 3D printing to advanced robotics and predictive analytics have made the shift toward Industry 4.0 all but reversible. With a market value of €185 billion by 2022, companies addressing the emerging opportunities imminently are acting prudently… and young, creative companies are doing some amazing things – as the following examples prove!

B2B Buying Made Easy

Fabrikado brings digital communication to metal component manufacturing, simplifying the entire procurement process.

Companies upload their CAD drawing for a component to the online B2B platform. Fabrikado does the rest. It checks, in real time, which suppliers are available and which offer the best price for the desired delivery date. The customer receives the offer instantly – instead of having to spend time searching for the right supplier themselves.

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