Our new team member: triathlete Patrick Reger

Fast, smooth, enduring and full of passion - just some of similarities of us and the triathlete Patrick Reger.

Fabrikado collaborates with the professional triathlete Patrick Reger Triathleten Patrick Reger . Last year Reger took the second place of the Ironman in south africa, became german champion in duathlon, runner-up in triathlon and sportsman of the year in the Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis..

In addition to his daily training, the passionate sportsman studies industrial engineering at the technical college in furtwangen.

Why do we work with Patrick? Because he's a cool guy from whom we can learn a lot and because we have a lot in common - for example

triathlete: Patrick Reger
triathlete: Patrick Reger

1. commonality: speed

We know our way around at speed! If you had to wait days for your offer, you can get it on fabrikado.com in a few seconds. And that from quantity 1. You don't believe us? Then test our instant price without obligation on fabrikado.com

2. commonality: different disciplines

At fabrikado.com you can choose between many different manufacturing and processing methods as well as materials. Whether laser or water jet cutting, 3D printing or milling and turning.

3. commonality: smooth transitions

On fabrikado.com your CAD drawing becomes a finished product in only four simple steps :

    1. you upload your CAD model to fabrikado.com
    1. you determine the manufacturing process, material, finishing and quantity
    1. you immediately receive different prices and delivery dates and choose one
    1. you receive your component within the agreed delivery time.

All this works because we’re responsible from start to finish and we‘are the contact persons for customers and suppliers.

4. commonality: endurance

In 2016 we started with 2 colleagues. Today we are a team of 20 persons thrilled by the idea of fabrikado. We work together with competent partners and learn from our mistakes. And we‘re far from finished, because we‘re getting better every day and continuing to expand our customer and supplier network.

5. commonality: locality

We‘re from Balingen, at the foot of the Swabian Alb and feel very comfortable here. We‘re close to many of the best and most successful metal and plastics manufacturers in Germany and know many of our suppliers personally so that we can ensure our quality standards.

6. commonality: startup

Startups work differently: we‘re faster, more willing to take risks, more emotional and more open than traditional companies. And: Each of us is an active part of our success story - without our team - without us!

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